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Most of our repairs cost less than you pay for any insurance excess, with minor dings and scratches as low as $200!

Most jobs can be done within hours, but more severe damage can usually be completed within the day.

We will repair any type of road vehicle without a problem, but feel free to ask if you have any other vehicle out of the ordinary. We typically fix dents, scratches and weather damage, however if you need something else done, please give us a call to find out.

Yes! The Ding Dr is a mobile repair service, which means we will repair any vehicle at your home or at work.

The Ding Dr has over 35 years of experience in car repairs and will guarantee the quality to be equal or better than the competition. We use high quality techniques, and are confident that we’ll meet any customer expectation.

Almost all of our jobs are guaranteed to be less than what you will pay for your insurance excess. Plus you won’t have to worry about increased premium prices or losing no-claim benefits.

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